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Capsule Review: Shucked

It’s Corn!

By Jackson Court

It’s corn! I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing! And Shucked, the new musical from team Robert Horn (Book) and Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally (Music & Lyrics) playing at the Nederlander Theatre, has all the ingredients for a great night at the theater. Directed by Jack O’Brien, Shucked is a comedy that follows Maizy (Caroline Innerbichler) who is on a mission to save her town, Cob County, from impending doom. In search of a cure for the dying corn harvest, Maizy ventures into an unknown world that will change her, and her town forever. The songs are fun but the true standout is Horn’s book which is overflowing with puns, double entendre, word play, and dad jokes. It is clever and fast paced, plowing through the less than dense plot. The cast is full of newcomers and Broadway favorites such as John Behlmann, Grey Henson, and the incomparable Alex Newell, who prompted many to their feet after the show stealing song “Independently Owned”. The silly, and sometimes down right corny humor may not be for everyone, but it should be. Shucked offers something that has been sparse on Broadway as of late… bushels of laughter.

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