A presentation to benefit The Actors Fund.

The presentation runs 1 hour and 20 minutes with two short breaks.

To view the presentation on a TV, search for “Spotlight on Plays presents RACE by David Mamet” on your SmartTV’s YouTube app.

RACE is available to stream only through Monday, November 2nd at 8pm ET.

“Mamet’s gripping play argues, everything in America – and this play throws sex, rape, the law, employment and relationships into its 90 minutes of stage wrangling – is still about race.”

Chicago Tribune

“Scalpel-edged intelligence!”

The New York Times 

RACE, by Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet, tackles America’s most controversial topic in this provocative play. A potent dramatic cocktail of sex, guilt and legal maneuvering, Race concerns three lawyers (Ed O’Neill, David Alan Grier and Alicia Stith) defending a wealthy white executive (Richard Thomas) charged with raping a black woman. David Alan Grier and Richard Thomas return to the roles they created during the play’s hit run on Broadway. Tony Award winner Phylicia Rashad directs.

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